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村上 隆行

Murakami Takayuki

Enrolled in professional baseball for 18 years. Kintetsu Buffaloes 17 years. Seibu Lions 1 year
After retirement, I become professional baseball commentator.
Asahi Broadcasting [Good morning asahi Saturday] I am in charge of sports caster.
Opened a baseball cram school (slugger's studio) in 2003 and instructed children
Major graduates Hiroshima Carp Nakata Rose number 34, Chunichi Dragons Yoshikawa Daisuke Jersey No. 3, Hanshin Tigers Nao Nijida
From 2009 he became independent director of the independent league Osaka Gold Bilikens
Kansai Independence League champions 2009
Dissolution after the end of the 2010 Osaka team finish
In 2011, he founded the new team "06 BULLS (Zero Robles)" and became a director.
It is second in 2015. It is number two in the season in 2016, and ranked first in the tournament stage introduced from this year.

Official blog⇒http://ameblo.jp/shinamokamiru5/


Hase Kumi

In 1968, he starred for the first time in Fuji TV series drama "Otokon".
In 1971, he appeared regularly with the role of heroine · Yoshikawa Kiyoshi (Yoshikawa kun) on NTV series TV drama "I am a man!" (Starring: Kensaku Morita).
Drama became a big hit program, after that he appeared in many TV dramas and was active.
In 1975, he was a host of the Mainichi Broadcasting Wide Show 'Wife 2 o'clock.'
In 2002, I returned to the entertainment industry that had been away for the first time in 19 years.
In January 2009, regular appearance on continuous TV drama at 31 Tokyo for the first time in 31 years at L Tora drama "Sagi teacher Ririko".

Official site⇒http://pc.kallos-entertainment.com/?ac=proe&id=108
Official blog⇒http://ameblo.jp/kumi-hayase/