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[syodouka] Ryo Fuuka

Please tell me the opportunity began calligraphy.

  • Teacher of the beauty that has been done got a pocket money to the grandmother, began calligraphy Fascinated by politeness.

What kind of become feelings at the moment how to become the most motivated and doing calligraphy?

  • It is the moment that when preparing sucking ink is the most motivated. It becomes the exclusive things calm the mind there is also a thing to 1,000,000. And Toka divided into three to pool their money in or calligrapher many people. This time we use the scent is strong ink.

Because calligraphy of the charm?

  • I wanted to quit many times, to see their works that have been written up to now, the process of progress is now self-confidence. 

I think that I can not write in a single stroke, put the way of ink it is also devised?

  • Since the light and shade of ink appears, in the case of a multi-character statement, wearing a black to a dark part to show larger in the triangle. Since hoarse also produce a three-dimensional effect, create a form of various hoarse. 
  • And "Sha", "Yes", is the character that character of "flying" wrote fired up.


How it is a thing called "skill" in calligraphy?

  • Or to use any part of the brush, such as the thickness fineness of line, there are many.

For Ryo Fuuka, is the most important "trick"?

  • It is that it inherited. Calligraphy has been wrote There are calligraphers from ancient times. Look at the Meihitsu of old people, to imitate is possible to imitate, taken in, comes out tricks that different by including the personality from there. 
  • While inherited the skill, is that born is many things from their own. 
  • Then, inherited while, I put myself go incorporated into the next generation.

[syodouka] Ryo Fuuka

the first episode, as a beauty too calligrapher, been featured in the media, magazines, etc., as a [syodouka]【Ryo Fuuka】, who is also the sunlight tourism ambassador in activities to calligraphy instructor. 
Calligraphy and lore beauty,【Ryo Fuuka】. In the performance of Daifude, she continues to convey the splendor of calligraphy, love was born and raised sunlight, served as a tourism ambassador, it continues to transmit the charm of sunlight through calligraphy.

書道家 涼風花

書道家 涼風花

[syodouka] Ryo Fuuka

Ryo Fuuka

as a calligrapher too beautiful, picked up in the media, magazines and the like. It is also the sunlight tourism ambassador in calligraphy instructor to act as a calligrapher.
I love there is also the influence of the grandmother Japanese culture from a small time, and participate in the festival music, the festival of festivals there is familiar with the yukata and kimono out the face.
There also was awarded many awards in calligraphy exhibition, including the calligraphy in the 7-year-old was recommended to the grandmother, it becomes a simple blame or motivated, get a calligraphy instructor qualified in second grade junior high school.
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