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hippoTV multilingual videos Second broadcast interview
[Animation director]  Yutaka Yamamoto

do you go to finish the work on the basis of the storyboard?

  • This is the foundation. There are 32 pages. In 5 minutes I will paint this amount with just a storyboard. Then when you do the work of the original picture and the animation, it becomes about 2000 pieces.
    I will draw firmly so that various people can share it.

Or Japanese animation is I have a what kind of features?

  • I think that was started from was imitating Disney. 
  • What fucking Toei Animation from heart began Tteyuu, cornerstone of Japanese animation was created. So the influence of Disney has a strong arrange force but of course strong. 
  • Disney and I think that created a historical perspective, not even close is. Deformation, eyes huge in that, this is a painting not limited to anime, Yumeni Takeshita teacher is so. Large eyes inherited is Osamu Tezuka teacher, eye increases Disney in reverse imports.

It will be how the character creation is?

  •  I say possession arts, Masu Narikiri to its character. If you do not fit it ... it does not proceed even storyboards also for a little while ago but there was a grandpa and the angel. 

The remaining work on the most impressive?

  • Speaking in a recent is "in a corner of this world." That was really overwhelming! 
  • War is in the background, World War II is in the background, the story of tin, who married the naval port of Kure. The Tteyuu wartime is dark, it is to have live normal girl in there Toka lived turned to desperation, had lived normally is, was very new perspective.

Or anime are you based on the live-action?

  • Trace of the photo, I'd layout of the photo is I also use the mainstream, old days it was a wrong way, had been angry from the senior, "It is everything is to replicate the photograph".

Although I am challenged to the world, Yamamoto-san, do you want me what to do?

  • Can I publish a new work? It is being developed as an original theatrical work with works that are thin.
  • I think I will show you a making.
  • I am trying to make a story in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and I'm starting to cover the material.
  • I strongly shoulder in the Great East Japan Earthquake and thinking to send works to Iwate Miyagi Fukushima, the three prefectures of the disaster, blossom is trying to dedicate this work to Fukushima that remained the last one Iwate set as the first work set in Iwate think.
  • I think there is something that can only be done since 6 years since the earthquake.

[Animation director] Yutaka Yamamoto

the second episode, the splendor of Japan to the world! It pursued a [mind-tricks, body] of animation Yamamoto supervision of your success in as animation director.
We heard you from the anime "blossom" until the animation currently in progress.
2012, the following year of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the works that was to stage the Iwate Prefecture, Otsuchi was published.
That was created in order to support the people of the affected areas, short animation.
I was working on it, and the current lore beauty,【Yutaka Yamamoto】 director How did you make this work, I was talking about the future of work. 

アニメーション監督 山本寛

アニメーション監督 山本寛

[Animation director] Yutaka Yamamoto

Yutaka Yamamoto

Japanese animation director, director.【Yutaka Yamamoto】 office representative directors. 
October 23, 2015, established the Corporation【Yutaka Yamamoto】 office of the private office as a representative itself in Koganei, Tokyo. 
Animation director-director. "Lucky ☆ Star", "Kannagi" "My unfriendly senior", "fractal", "blossom"
, "SenIsamu. "" Miyagawa home hungry "supervision, such as the novel" Ainzattsu, "" Midnight Super Moon (draft) ".
Currently new "twilight" in preparation.
【Hiroshi Yamamoto】 original work "twilight" animation production project - Please your support by all means!
Crowdfunding CAMPFIRE⇒https: //Camp-fire.Jp/projects/view/11715
※ This work "twilight" is, I decorate the last of billed without permission "Tohoku trilogy", the Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture It is expected to be in animation work that the stage.
Iwate Prefecture, Otsuchi was the stage until now, "blossom", was such as to stage Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture "Wake Up, Girls! "We have made a but, finally, the long-awaited I will draw the" Fukushima ".

【Yutaka Yamamoto】official blog (official blog)http://lineblog.me/yamamotoyutaka/
【Yutaka Yamamoto】Twitter (official))⇒https://twitter.com/yamacane_0901?lang=ja