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hippoTV multilingual videos third episode
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hippoTV multilingual videos Third broadcast interview
[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

from that dwells in him with the technique of painting Japan highest peak ...?

  • Grandmother beautiful picture of brushing and eye Tteyuu of 20 years, it is difficult place that can not only master laden with 30 years training. About 10 minutes 1 much of the narrowness of 1mm is where important in one of the life line or die this eye beauty is live.

Ukiyo-e is or will not tell us that the Tteyuu but these things?

  • Edo era is very merchant becomes active, so people also many became rich, to there is also a red-light district, many in the movement there was, was the birth of Ukiyo-e in the fact that the picture of the Floating World.

Why are drawn because of the deep?

  • Takashima Oku that I carved now is famous in Edo era Hisashi This will be a printmaking.
    This is also reprinted by me, and if it is of the Edo era it will cost about 10 million yen.
    It takes about 9 hours a day, it takes 2 months, it takes 2 months to get the color.

It will trendy thing at the time also Toka kimono pattern?

  • The most popular was of the grazing and aperture, the fans something is truly aperture pattern. 
  • Toka checkered pattern that was popular at that time, also inspired by ukiyo-e Toka design of the band.

How did you meet for the first time "carving"?

  • I went to Yushima Elementary School in Bunkyo-ku, when in elementary school six years. The yearbook carving Yushimatenjin. 
  • Accepted for the third consecutive year woodcut Exhibition in junior high school. 
  • So, I have a dream that as long set it up in the living future.

Long if training period of the teacher, how would had been better life?

  • I'm at the age of 16, went to training in the fact that there are master in Kyoto, 10 years in order to inherit the work, it is important that training and 15 years. 
  • In laden with training in Kyoto 17 years, I went back to Tokyo.

It is that you are careful as a craftsman?

  • And to the most important eyes, I used attention to when the Delivery of Udon ya, I'm that important hand. 
  • When you have a Okamochi also, have in the left hand, soft like a woman that had been in the care of the right hand, please touch if thats ok.

I teacher I to I let inherited the old ones of his own original, the new one that Tteyuu on your first attempt we will give to the?

  • Since the case following us is a carver that has inherited the tradition of the Edo era, how the line of Euta Migakuryo of this time painter, so we gained much of the training in how to faithfully reprinted the line of Hokusai, is not an I'll easily draw a picture on your own. 
  • However, there is a feeling that will make the Heisei of ukiyo-e to 20 years ago, I did not find I was asked to meet with the artist walking in the gallery of the Ginza Toka Aoyama.


As a carver, "heart" of Motohare Asaka teacher, is the spirit of the culture that has been handed down from our ancestors, what together?

  • Predecessors, seniors also I heard, is that I, which has kept the Ukiyo-e at the risk of my life even throw yourself is tell the young people who made this year. 
  • If the craftsman in I think it 's such a do must become a tradition beauty'm still alive and well, and that I do not we have to leave this technology absolute, so we have strong feelings every day, just that kind of activity, so also reprint of national treasure but, we are working. 
  • Since in the case of us is a carver that has inherited the tradition of the Edo era, how the line of Euta Migakuryo of this time painter, so we gained much of the training in how to faithfully reprinted the line of Hokusai, quite is not an I'll draw a picture on your own.

[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

the third episode, the splendor of Japan to the world! It pursued a [mind-tricks, body] for the inheritance of traditional Japanese in [ukiyoehorishi]【 Motoharu Asaka 】. 
Apprenticeship in woodcut tattooist Kojiro Kikuta at the time of the 17-year-old. After the training of 17 years, through such as ukiyo-e publisher of exclusive tattooist, he established the "Takumi woodcuts studio" and Hishimura Satoshi Mr. sliding nurses in 1999. Engaged in a number of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and contemporary prints.
I was working on it, and the current lore beauty, opportunity for the world of woodblock prints in【 Motoharu Asaka 】, I was talking about the future of work.

浮世絵彫師 朝香元晴

浮世絵彫師 朝香元晴

[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

 Motoharu Asaka

Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1951. At the age of 17 he was apprenticed to "Koujiro Kikuta" by a woodblock printmaker. After training for 17 years, after working as an exclusive sculptor of Ukiyo-e publishing company, in 1999 established "Takumi wood print workshop" with Mr. Toshihiro Hamamura, a slut. I work on a number of Ukiyoe prints and modern prints.
【 Motoharu Asaka 】 workshop is "Takumi Wood Print Studio Fureaikan (Asaka Traditional Wood Print Class)".
It is a cultural heritage inherent in Japan, an ukiyoe that blossomed in the Edo era! It is!
In the middle of the nineteenth century, including the Van Gogh, Monet, and other European Impressionist painters, the Ukiyo-e, which became a world-renowned art work, was reprinted faithfully with advanced traditional techniques and all powers were poured into succession I was able to "Takamizawa enji".
It was "Takumi Print Workshop Fureaikan" that Ukiyo-e artist,【 Motoharu Asaka 】 Ukiyoza created for Ukiyo-e art sculptor for training successor, inheriting the intention, keeping the intention, breeding the tradition, and fulfilling that revival .
Even if this shop is Shinjuku, it is a place where many people with a heart-friendly personality like floating downtown flood the atmosphere of the common people, there is also a beautiful Sakura Park loved by children's hall, nursery school, and neighboring people in the vicinity, quiet It is a wonderful place suitable for woodcut print production and woodblock print classes.

Classroom is underway at Takumi Printmaking Fureai Museum! ⇒http://takumihanga.com/%E6%95%99%E5%AE%A4%E6%A1%88%E5%86%85/
Ukiyoe workshop was held last year to the United States. <This is an article of the workshop. > ⇒http://ecocolo.com/journal/art/001376.html
Works of [Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka can be purchased below. ⇒http://edohanga.jp/thirty-six_views_of_mount_fuji/the_complete_set_of_thirty-six_views_of_mount_fuji/
Official website is here ⇒http://takumihanga.com/