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hippoTV multilingual videos fourth episode
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hippoTV multilingual videos fourth episode interview 
[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

This hair thin line Is this also a small sword?
How long do you need to pursue this technique?

  • Now really, if this technique of carving is not loaded with 20 years 30 years training, this is also carved 5 and 6 present in 1mm about three to 1mm so rough because it is a delicate carving.

Amazing! To put one, do you scraped off and put on the after diagonally placed in a vertical?

  • Jiang beginning to put lightly, carved I Sue in this kind of wind so go gradually put the force, so in the long 0.01mm depth at the beginning, I finally I have become much depth 0.1mm.



It Is not hair, but it seems to kind of fine feeling hairline?

  • In the Edo period, I had a master carved 6 and 7 present to 1mm and told me Hotake Toka of Homi now. I do not love only three or four, was the young is, people who Horeru that the only now died If you elderly I thin it was no longer have. So I have thought that I want to continue to pass on this as early as young people a day.

This is how will you become prints doing?

  • Since I was carved from Tteyuu "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" of Hokusai This is I'm Hokusai, the line to become a skeleton, this is it is the main line. 
    I am rubbing First, it referred to in the corner, then I'm carve a yellow. 
    Here in in this kind of wind and to do this, it there is a line of rats. 
    Carved it, you will like this form.

You will differences powerful or rather depth just put the end of this dark color?

  • It is completed at the end of the color, but it will be tight here in the completion of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. 
    Kichitto part of indigo because it is no longer the waves splashing look and shifted waves splash is not the coolest also but I also need to put ink of the mouse. 
    This key and attracted of registration, combined with this idea, now, but I was put about 9 colors, it means this picture is completed in 9 colors.

How does it send to the world doing?

  • I am so I am allowed to do it the work of the teacher, because the focus point of the Ukiyo-e is mon often more towards overseas than Japanese, and the ukiyo-e activities to alternately and the Americas Europe, the world's people in the Ukiyo-e because it Itadako know the beauty is, they put the best force now, so you can also are wondering want to learn for that, along with the Japan of succession planning, Tsu want to learn the Japanese tradition in the way of overseas because I rubbed a lot of people I mean, for those seeking, you may think Tteyuu want to tell between energetic.

I think that it is very even your own work, why there are many overseas activities?

  • When they reached 60 years of age now, by the ukiyo-e dissemination activities, because the people of the world is looking for a ukiyo-e, and come to learn from the world, it is inspired by the there is Japanese, my young people, to become a sample making successor and by people of the world are looking for this only ukiyo-e, because it comes a lot of work if the ball lands in the world, if you are a carver of ukiyo-e, that Do was good to have the sliding nurses , is I now, I'm laid the foundation.




Tradition's carving, for Asaka-san, Japan's traditional culture, do you do what that the splendor of carving?

  • Above us, Edo or era of carvers who inherit the tradition carve to how faithfully the line drawn by the painter, brush table, I am firmly Fudeura, not 's Asaka flow, line of Hokusai, Hiroshige of the line, song to faithfully reprinted the line of Migakuryo is I believe that our mission. 
  • And its traditional techniques, but do not know may take a long time I 20 years 30 years, young people have gotten to know on a daily basis it, successor is really now in such a way that followed the later, towards the Agency for Cultural Affairs since also hard calling to the Ministry of economy, Trade and industry, in the wake of this in the future, I thought that want to tell more and more powerful, young people.

[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

The third episode, the splendor of Japan to the world! It pursued a [mind-tricks, body] for the inheritance of traditional Japanese in [Ukiyoe horishi] 【Motoharu Asaka】. 
Apprenticeship in woodcut tattooist Kojiro Kikuta at the time of the 17-year-old. After the training of 17 years, through such as ukiyo-e publisher of exclusive tattooist, he established the "Takumi woodcuts studio" and Hishimura Satoshi Mr. sliding nurses in 1999. Engaged in a number of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and contemporary prints.
I was working on it, and the current lore beauty, opportunity for the world of woodblock prints in【Motoharu Asaka】, I was talking about the future of work.

浮世絵彫師 朝香元晴

浮世絵彫師 朝香元晴

[Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka

 Motoharu Asaka

Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1951. At the age of 17 he was apprenticed to "Koujiro Kikuta" by a woodblock printmaker. After training for 17 years, after working as an exclusive sculptor of Ukiyo-e publishing company, in 1999 established "Takumi wood print workshop" with Mr. Toshihiro Hamamura, a slut. I work on a number of Ukiyoe prints and modern prints.
【 Motoharu Asaka 】 workshop is "Takumi Wood Print Studio Fureaikan (Asaka Traditional Wood Print Class)".
It is a cultural heritage inherent in Japan, an ukiyoe that blossomed in the Edo era! It is!
In the middle of the nineteenth century, including the Van Gogh, Monet, and other European Impressionist painters, the Ukiyo-e, which became a world-renowned art work, was reprinted faithfully with advanced traditional techniques and all powers were poured into succession I was able to "Takamizawa enji".
It was "Takumi Print Workshop Fureaikan" that Ukiyo-e artist,【 Motoharu Asaka 】 Ukiyoza created for Ukiyo-e art sculptor for training successor, inheriting the intention, keeping the intention, breeding the tradition, and fulfilling that revival .
Even if this shop is Shinjuku, it is a place where many people with a heart-friendly personality like floating downtown flood the atmosphere of the common people, there is also a beautiful Sakura Park loved by children's hall, nursery school, and neighboring people in the vicinity, quiet It is a wonderful place suitable for woodcut print production and woodblock print classes.

Classroom is underway at Takumi Printmaking Fureai Museum! ⇒http://takumihanga.com/%E6%95%99%E5%AE%A4%E6%A1%88%E5%86%85/
Ukiyoe workshop was held last year to the United States. <This is an article of the workshop. > ⇒http://ecocolo.com/journal/art/001376.html
Works of [Ukiyoe horishi] Motoharu Asaka can be purchased below. ⇒http://edohanga.jp/thirty-six_views_of_mount_fuji/the_complete_set_of_thirty-six_views_of_mount_fuji/
Official website is here ⇒http://takumihanga.com/