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hippoTV multilingual videos The 6th broadcast
guest interview profile

hippoTV multilingual videos The 6th broadcast interview 
[Nohgakushi] Shonosuke Okura

What is the most important technique for Professor Okura?

  • Techniques say, if anyone seriously attempts to brush up their skills and have a position to face it, I think I can gain it, but I still have a wave.
    However, I think that the spirit of the thought, or the spirit of the basis of expression, is not constantly having height, I think that it is scary that it will be transmitted to people who are already there with eccentricity.
    Everyday when I neglect such things, it will be transmitted to everyone.
    I think that there is a scary place.

I would like Dr. Okura to give me a body to the world. What shall I do?

  • I was also collaborating for various genres, I was allowed to session, this time we will have a cup of tea at the research with [Makoto Hirahara] of sax of jazz and [Soga Hirano] of tea together I will collaborate with tastes.

能楽師 大倉正之助 インタビュー2

It showed me great things, but what do you mean by collaboration?

  • There is no meeting at all with improvisation, what you have in each other meets here in expressions, Fuji naturally recognizes that atmosphere in existence.
  • Well, it seems that [Makoto Hirahara] of sax, too, I am so and I think that each other's consciousness, one of them brings each other and naturally this place was created.

Through such activities, how can you send drums to the world?

  • There is only culture in the end. We respect each other's with respect to each other, acknowledge the splendor of the other person, and by having things pleased by others or being impressed through what I possess, we get closer to each other It is the feeling that if the world gets integrated through the thing, it will play a role in combining fusion.

I felt the feeling of stepping on the soul that is linked to it, the one of the Western style of sax, the tea ceremony, and the drum?

  • It is a nonsense part, and sympathy is held among those living each other, that they are impressed, or that the soul resonates. I think that it is the most important point of the future era to become a place where we respect each other if it is a living being in each other.

Besides, my teacher has done a wonderful collaboration in the world?

  • This was a work expressed by the fruit story and contemporary dancers gathered in a title called Sudani, which was directed at the New National Theater.
    With the pope. This is the year 2000 John Paul II gathered artists represented from seven countries, and there are halls with 8000 people in the Vatican and will do a Christmas concert.
    In Japan solo solo, I played a so-called festival song called Sanbuso.



Does the overseas understand Noh?

  • The dedication to thinking or expressing something by human beings is conveyed by sensibility rather than being conveyed through words.
    It is frankly received by kansei rather than Japanese people who can communicate with language.

What is the splendor of Japanese traditional culture, Noh music for Mr. Ogura who is a trader of Noh music?

  • You can look without thinking, you can sleep.
    However, continuing to look at such things, keep on chewing, the taste keeps appearing slowly, I will keep going out with such a long breath.
    It is a slide along with it in the process of growth of life that gives you messages, suggestions and information from such things. Please think that it is deep inside. What a surprise when you start.
    Enjoy the process that leads to understanding through such things.
    I think whether Noh is interesting as such a partner.

能楽師 大倉正之助

[Nohgakushi] Shonosuke Okura

 Shonosuke Okura

[Nohgakushi] 【Shonosuke Okura】
 Important intangible cultural heritage certified holder
Members of the Nohaku Association of Japan Public benefit corporations General members of the Japan No Music group
"Noh hayashi Ookuraryu Oodaiko Kodaiko"
Born in
"Noh hayashi Ookuraryu Oodaiko Kodaiko"and" Souke "continuing generously from the Muromachi era, he received lessons from his father ·" Ookura Cyoujirou", grandfather · Okura Cyouemon", the first stage at 9 years old.
In "Noh Performance Show", she performs the planning and production of "Okinatuki goryuugobannou" by himself, and punctuates the drums all day by day, and accomplishes the unprecedented attempt as a musicians in the Nohgaku history, and succeeds.
Performances of Nohgaku, other leaders from around the world, VIP visit dates and times, performances at the prime minister's official residence dinner party, participating in the government-sponsored music festival, invited from the pope and playing in Japan as a representative of the Vatican.
Appeared in opening ceremony of MLB (Major League Baseball) opening ceremony held at Tokyo Dome. In a mixed fighting dynamite, solo solo at the National Stadium in front of a crowd of 100,000 people. He played active part in international cultural exchanges, such as co-starring with artists both in Japan and abroad.
CM, documentary programs and many other media appeared, continuing to disseminate the wonderful culture of Japan to the world.
CD "Hiten" released from Universal Music.

The official website is here ⇒http://www.hiten-jp.com/
official blog ⇒http://blog.eigyo.co.jp/hiten/


マルチサックスプレイヤー  平原まこと

[Multi-sax player] Makoto Hirahara

 Makoto Hirahara

Multi sax player. I am from Osaka Prefecture.
His father had Tsutomu Hirahara famous for jazz trumpet, her daughter was Ayaka Hirahara and aika.
Artists who have names on hit charts (Anzenchitai, B'z, Tatsuro Yamashita, Masashi Sada etc) Super selling players who can find names nearly on CD.
I participated in concerts of foreign artists such as Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole etc, and also appeared at Carnegie Hall.
Participate in more than 1,000 songs of recording per year.
Until now, we have released "Moon Healing Vol. 1" "Healing Moon of the Moon" duo "Acoustic Yamato" with Akira Miyakawa "Akira and Makoto You Futari no Orchestra".

The official website is here ⇒http://www4.point.ne.jp/~office-mama/makoto.html
Affiliation office Office MAMA. ⇒http://officemama.co.jp/


茶道家 平野宗雅

[Sadouka] Souga Hirano

 Souga Hirano

Introduction to Urasenke in 1991
In 2005 her received the tea name "Souga". 

The official Facebook ⇒https://www.facebook.com/%E5%B9%B3%E9%87%8E%E9%9B%85%E7%BE%8E%E5%92%8C%E6%97%A5%E5%BA%B5%E8%8C%B6%E3%81%AE%E9%81%93-1312268548801469/