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hippoTV multilingual videos The 8th broadcast
guest interview profile

hippoTV multilingual videos The 8th broadcast interview 
[Performers]  Katumi Sakakura

Did you hear that Professor Kakumi Sakakura has adopted traditional Japanese culture in the dance showed?

  • A new performance that combines karate and dance, incorporates the basic type of karate.
    It is a dance style that expresses how to put out movement and sound out of traditional culture.

Why did you combine karate and dance?

  • I want to express the splendor of Japan.
    From a genuine hip hop dancer I changed my mind when being told that "There are many good-looking cultures in Japan, why not do that?"
    I thought that Japan's coolness is a karate's work or type. I decided to blend it with my favorite dance.
    I started karate at the age of five and went to the dojo from 10 years old.
    Also, I met the dance at the university fourth grade.

パフォーマー サカクラカツミ

パフォーマー サカクラカツミ

What kind of performances other than the dance I showed you this time?

  • It is fusion of video and dance.
    It is the performance of static and moving, conscious of "between".
    What I've been doing around the world is doing performance that links the movements of my images with the video, placing a big picture on the projector with raw performance.

Why did you try to combine video and dance?

  • I wanted to combine dynamic performance and raw performance like an action movie.
    I am incorporating images and dance into sounds. I am fitting images and dancing while experiencing an air feeling.

Is there a sum element other than karate?
How is it made?

  • There is also an arrogant place where everything will come to a Japanese if I think, I am thinking that if I was born and raised in Japan and made by myself it would be better to do with the sum.
    For example, at my moment of crash when there is an image to car chase at my speed with my favorite action movie
    I think that the picture of the car will slow down, the cool point is that place. I store those things in my head.
    I check my amazing short move many times over and make it my own.
    There is a moment when the three things between the picture, the movement and the sound are pittacular, and it becomes a work of 5 minutes when it can do some such stories.

What is a wonderful technique for the teacher?

  • I will talk with a variety of foreign professional people, but Japanese have a feeling that I want to improve more than it is now It is the behavior of Japanese people to stick to it by sticking to it and stick to it to create the ultimate one I think.

パフォーマー サカクラカツミ


パフォーマー サカクラカツミ

Mr. Sakakurachatsumi is already sending out performance to the world. Do you have any new challenges now?

  • The word "Sokuin" (poorly thinking, sympathizing) in martial arts is the position of the opponent and thinks. I thought that saying that everyone at the root of Japanese minds has "Sokuin".
    I'm thinking of expressing "Sokuin" with dance.

Please tell us about your future challenge to the world?

  • When expressing Japan as cool Japan I want to disseminate the word "Sokuin" overseas.
    There are times when you can not understand such as the difference in words and the cultural differences originally possessed.
    That's why I'd like to tell you about that "Sokuin" with my performance that anyone can understand.

パフォーマー サカクラカツミ

[Performers]  Katumi Sakakura

 Katumi Sakakura

An artist who expresses a unique "movement, rhythm, spirituality" of Japanese traditional culture as synthetic art.
Starting learning karate from my father since 5 years old I learned karate at the dojo full-scale since 10 years old. Then turned to boxing at university.
From the early twenties I was overwhelmed by the culture of Hip Hop and managed the black people, but from a prominent black dancer, "Japan has many cool stories Why do you imitate the culture of others?" Japan I will pursue the goodness of parenthesis. After trial and error, complete the original dance style based on how to use the body of traditional Japanese culture, how to pick up sounds. Also devised "Street Nunchaku" to perform dance performance using Nunchaku (Ryukyu Old Martial Arts Surgery) learned at the same time as Karate. In 2004, he devised a performance style "Projection live" that synchronized the raw performance and the image from the projector and announced at JAPAN EXPO 2004 of L.A. Since then this style has been highly appreciated in the world and has been invited from 39 countries to date and performed and appeared on 15 TV programs in 15 countries. Also, lecture meetings will be held at home and abroad (Moscow State University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Okura College, Nagoya Gakuin University, London SOAS university etc.) entitled "Good Japanese cool want to tell the world".
Opening performance will be held at the 128th International Olympic Committee Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur in 2015.
There is also one aspect as a designer, designing most of the things you can wear from eyeglasses to coats as well as performance costumes and coat as well as making themselves.

Official site ⇒http://orientarhythm.com/