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hippoTV multilingual videos The 9th broadcast
guest interview profile

hippoTV multilingual videos The 9th broadcast interview 
[Performance unit]  ORIENTARHYTHM

At first I was doing a different dance, why did you decide to do it with Sakakura?

  • <Eiko>
    I wanted to go to the world, for now, I wanted to aim for the world.
    I wanted to go with my own performance.
    America 's home was amazing, the body was big and I really thought what I could do to win.
    At that time I saw Mr. Sakakura's Nunchaku dance, I thought that this is the only one.
    I always remembered and met again at the time of an event.
    Please put it in immediately! He told me to make it a disciple.

    I was learning street dancing by Mr. Sakakura and Eiko at elementary school.
    I had to go to the upper class and I could not learn from them.
    I worked hard and I learned hip pop etc from the two of us.
    Then, I stopped for temporary sports. Also, I had the opportunity to dance and I met with them again.


What kind of students were you?

  • <Eiko>
    Mami is not laughing whatever you do, about 10 years old, but I was teaching you to have fun dancing.

    I could not smile looking like a very scary teacher.
    I was getting too seriously. My face was stiff.
    Do not laugh, I thought I had to do it seriously.

Were each originality gathering and it became a performance?

  • It was hard to breathe in three people.
    During high school, there was a group fight for karate. It arranges with breathing, tatami mats, hand-tailored sounds, etc., and the coworkers are complete.
    I started from placing my breathing together.

Were you able to fit immediately?

  • After all I had to practice. I did a lot of practice, breathing adapted to each other as I got through the practice.
    I practiced to match the angle of the head to the position of the arm and the angle of the fist.
    It was the most difficult place.

How do you dance with nunchaku?

  • It seems that Sakakura saw blue through when it was small, from morning till evening.
    When I finished watching 1 book, I practiced shaking Nunchaku in the lobby. Sakakura style was created to blend dance and nunchaku.

What is the mind that the predecessors have inherited, please tell me?

  • <Eiko>
  • I think that it is something that is a strong mind power to keep going on, a mind to pass down.
    We have created a new ”ORIENTARHYTHM", I want to convey it with a strong spirit.

    I am thinking as a spirit.
    I would like to convey the splendor of Japan to the people of the world with a will.




What is the technique handed down to the performance unit【ORIENTARHYTHM】?

  • It leads to things that pass on, the power to pass on, and the mind that passes on.
    As Japanese culture continues to evolve without deterioration, the copy will degrade, but the more Japanese culture, the worse it will be it will be.
    It is made use of within the skill of 【ORIENTARHYTHM】.
    Again I think that Japanese culture is amazing.

What is the splendor of Japan for the traditional person, 【ORIENTARHYTHM】?

  • <MAMI>
    I will tell the wonderfulness of Japan to the next generation ... I would like to tell the next generation that two people told me.

    While treating everything, I think that it is the power to constantly create new people and to communicate it to people.

    <Sakakura Katsumi>
    I think that splendor of Japan is wonderful of existence when it says in a word.
    Japan is surrounded by the ocean, I think that it is all the island country unique flow of nature, history and martial arts work.
    I think that the existence of Japan itself is wonderful.
    We will integrate the splendor of Japan and disseminate it to the world in the future.


Dance performer 【ORIENTARHYTHM】


The work of "benign" seen in martial arts and tea ceremonies creates "between" in movement, "ko" type "poses" decided by a work stopping instant movement. ORIENTARHYTHM expresses the identity of such traditional Japanese culture as entertainment performance. Among them, "Street Nunchaku" using Nunchaku is highly dynamic and has been highly appreciated overseas as a performant performance.
In this original style we would like to introduce 'Japanese goodness' to people all over the world. And I hope that our performance will be a catalyst for knowing Japanese culture.
<Sakakura Katsumi>
Artists expressing the unique "movement, rhythm, spirituality" of Japanese traditional culture as synthetic art.
Complete the original dance style based on how to use the body of traditional Japanese culture, how to pick up sounds. Also devised "Street Nunchaku" to perform dance performance using Nunchaku (Ryukyu Old Martial Arts Self-Defense Instructor) learned at the same time as Karate.
Changing from fitness instructor to bodybuilding and dance, eternal genius
Acting as an artist expressing the unique "movement, rhythm, spirituality" of Japanese traditional culture as synthetic art.
In addition, "Street Nunchaku" which combines its own dance style and nunchaku creates movement as a new genre.
Active as a conditioning trainer providing aesthetic body and health
He started street dancing since he was 9 years old and has participated in numerous contests as a kids dancer,
Beginning at the age of 11, he studied Saka Kurachimi, Eiko.
I am also active as an FTP Matt Pilates instructor.

Official site ⇒http://orientarhythm.com/