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hippoTV multilingual videos The 10th broadcast
guest interview profile

hippoTV multilingual videos The 10th broadcast interview 
[Edokouta ougiha nidaime iemoto]  Ougiyoshikazu

What kind of feeling is put in the song "Plum blossomed"?

  • It is often compared to women, is not it? Flowers. The plum blossomed. Cherry blossoms are still here.
    It is said that Yanagi is always in good shape.
    So Yamabuki says it is cheating. Is this kind of meaning blooming like this blooming naturally around here in Yamabuki?

How long is time to sing like playing like this in general?

  • There are things that are shorter than a minute. It's about 4 minutes on a long one.
    It makes me make it like a suite. If that flower is a flower forever, it is a flower.
    There are four seasons, and there is a tendency for men and women, so make it well like suite.



How many songs are there awesome?

  • There are many songs. Well, there is a book called "Chikusa", from long ago.
    I write it as a thousand species. So, there are one thousand kinds, but there are more, now. However, even after the old songs are still connected since the Edo era, I think that the old songs are entering the head of you.

What triggered Kouta to start Edo Kouta?

  • I thought that it was just a shamisen when my friends were ballet or something like that, a piano or something around.
  • However, somewhat that way of changing is ok, it is fun.
    I am almost an asteroid. So, unlike everyone else it is interesting, but my mother has always been shamisen, so I heard it. Such a thing is a trigger.

What is its first source of song?

  • You know, "Kiyomoto Oyou" is the first song that I made when I was 16 years old.
    That Kiyomoto Oyou is the daughter of two kinds of sensei.
  • There was a great earthquake of Ansei, is it 1854, five years? By that time, your father passed away. So she opened it like that from his father's sentence box. As I saw that, there were strips of paper in the strip, the song that she made the most Right.
    <We are playing "scattering is floating" in the broadcast. >

Is it a wonderful nice song?

  • So this is also connected all the time, right? Since she made it. So, only KOUBO is using the bee.
    It is a pluck. So, it is only a good one to describe Japanese music.
    It's a stubborn story though. It is only really nice people.
    Especially my master of KOUGO. Why is that, just by plucking, there is no "bee" hit! I am sorry.




Although it is a shamisen used for songs, are there different kinds of types?

  • Well. Um, fine rods are used in Nagauta. So, if you use this spinning wheel for a nagauta, it is ivory.
    So, it will be a little stickle. When becoming Kiyomoto you become a middle pole. So, when you become a thick bowl, it is like Yoshito.
    And again Tsugaru shamisen is another.
  • There are also kinds of shamisen tree. This is Rosewood. This is mulberry. And there are many.

What is the "heart" of Edo Koa song, "Kokoro" that he has handed down from his predecessors?

  • After all, that old one, that is connected from Edo It is that Mr. Yohe Kiyomoto makes this and cherishes poetry.
  • First of all, my heart is to think about poetry to sing a song. Just do not pick up fluffy fluently and read poetry tidily and I think that it is singing.
    To that end, while correcting posture, courtesy, before beginning, "I would like to ask you a favor".
    "Thank you very much." While protecting it, I think that it will not lead to "heart".

江戸小唄 扇派2代目家元「扇よし和」

Edokouta ougiha iemoto nidaime 【Ougiyoshikazu


Welcome to the world of Edokouta!
At the age of 4, he started dancing Japanese, 6 years old 6 years old Hanabishi studied under Masaya master and started practicing Nagauta · Kiyomoto.
At the age of ten, I played a shakedown of the recommendation book at an incident meeting.
At the age of 12, he became a Koeda Hanabishi Natori, and gave an assault official announcement.
At the time of high school 3 years, under the introduction of the Hanabishi school student, he studied under the founder's first generation Yoshimi Yoshi teacher and named "Fusayashi" as Natori.
He won the Nippon Koosaka Federation Newcomer Award June, 1974.
In June 1982 when you attacked a second generation female fanist,
Working vigorously such as radio, television and theater, while challenging to collaborate with synthesizers.
Last year, we held the 30th anniversary celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Kodo faction established in the second generation.

Official site ⇒http://ougiyoshikazu.com/