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  [hippoTV multilingual video site]hippoTV is operated by KUMANOYA Corporation.

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hippoTV multilingual video information site
tells the splendor of Japan

splendor of Japan to the world!

We will place a sum of Japan to the world in a multi-language video information system.

2019 world rugby, 2020, towards the Tokyo Olympic Games, the government, aim, in order to correspond to the 40 million people of inbound, government, people, and both started broadcasting to deliver a multi-language video information site hippoTV as part of infrastructure building .
The sun was deified, "the kingdom of God Japan" to Amaterasu the total deus ex machina, the island nation unique with our country four seasons in Japan, by our predecessors who built the ancient own history, wonderful nature over ambiguous and there is a culture of trees, also there was entertainment culture that bring pleasure to people when times are there.
Food, natural beautiful colors, wooden building, ukiyo-e, calligraphy, caricature, Waka, ditty, dance, and performance and festival events, through and so on, the tradition of Japanese culture, performs a fusion of modern culture, traditions of Japan and entertainment introduce the culture in a multi-language video, ever-rapidly evolving toward a new era, incorporating the ICT (Information Communication Technology) actively, across the border using the Hippotech USA development Dubulator (multi-language software), the world we will tell the people in.

Dubulator will change the video of the world!

It corresponds to the language voice of the world's 50 countries. Word of the world into one!

To the video you want to see in Dubulator by members of the bilingual and multi-lingual around the world equipped with translation and dubbing recording it can function in multiple languages. Caption insertion of course, dubbed audio to match the video while reading the subtitles text can also be recorded, you can caption insertion and recording in up to 50 languages in one of the videos.

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SOLID RACING Ltd. ソリッドレーシング
SOLID RACING Ltd. ソリッドレーシング
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