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  [hippoTV multilingual video site]hippoTV is operated by KUMANOYA Corporation.

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It corresponds to the language voice of the world's 50 countries. Word of the world into one!
Multi-language voice video information site [Dubulator]


Dubulator will change the video of the world!

To the video you want to see in Dubulator by members of the bilingual and multi-lingual around the world equipped with translation and dubbing recording it can function in multiple languages. Caption insertion of course, dubbed audio to match the video while reading the subtitles text can also be recorded, you can caption insertion and recording in up to 50 languages in one of the videos. Also you can switch to the language also want to hear the instant when to enjoy the dubbed moving image.
Because up to the videos do not videos other than their own words can be seen only "the translation is attached" or "dubbing is in" video now, video or shy away you do not know the words, and had given up to see I think you.
Dubulator, by the person who was up the video to the language translation request, Dubulator members and professional around the world (surcharge) is translated, to record the narration while watching it, since it is possible to send to the world , you will be able to view the video you do not know the words in the subtitles and narration.
Site that the translation function is attached has various exist, site that combines in addition to the ability to record a voice is not only our Dubulator. Moreover, can record up to 50 languages for the video one, because one one of the languages will be added to overlap as a layer, it is possible to make the language switching with a single click, the words of the various countries you can listen.
Making full use of this technology, aims to you are able to take advantage of a variety of private scenes and business, we would like to continue to expand around the world.

SOLID RACING Ltd. ソリッドレーシング
SOLID RACING Ltd. ソリッドレーシング
SOLID RACING Ltd. ソリッドレーシング
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