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For Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Use of our services, by that if you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you will be entitled to use our services. Regarding the services that are provided free of charge, instead of the procedure if you agree to the Terms and Conditions, it is considered deemed to have assented to the actual Terms of this use by if you use Part 1: basic guidelines.
Warranty and change of services: Our company is about the contents of the services to be provided, defects (visible) and that there is no bug is not guaranteed. Also, to change the service of the content and specifications without prior notice to the customer, and shall be able to or discontinue or stop providing.
The Company (including a person who was a member in the past) members of the anti-social forces and the people and of its affiliates, or to exploit the service, such as or bother to third party customers for we have refused the offers.
◆ compliance matters when service
act as set out below is recommended before the use of our services (including the act and preparation act to induce them) will be prohibited.
act in violation of national and local regulations that customer is located at the time of the Japanese or available
or contrary to social norms and public order and morals, infringes the rights of others or things like causing trouble to others, the, post, publish, disclose, provide or transmit (below Each of them is referred to as a "post such as") or to act
software to be used for other customers, or to disrupt the function, such as hardware , act to such posts, such as programs such as or interfere
or destruction of our servers or network function, act or interfere
of our services, our ad to serve, or, of the Company services that are provided on the site, act to interfere with the ad
(as defined in Chapter 2 privacy policy) personal information and history information and the characteristic information of other customers without permission and customers, Collection or act for or accumulated
services, act to use a different purpose than the original purpose of the service provided in light of the purpose of providing
in relation to our services, directly to the anti-social forces, Acts to provide a benefit to the indirect
prohibition of re-use, such as our service? customers, if the data that make up our services and those were utilized beyond the purpose of providing the service, the Company, of them right enjoin the act and reserves the right to claim the benefit amount equivalent to the customer obtained by their actions.
compensation for the Company: If the case cost the customer's conduct in connection with, such as the claims that occurred due to the Company has occurred or the Company has made a payment of such compensation, the customer costs and compensation paid by the Company and it shall bear the like (including attorneys' fees paid by the Company).
your data and content handling: The data you have saved on our managed server, the Company does not assume the obligation of the backup, and shall be asked to perform a backup in your own. It should be noted that, in case you need such as the maintenance and improvement of our services has occurred, our customers have the data that is stored in our management to server, to replicate such as the extent necessary to such service of maintenance and improvements it may be. In addition, such as an electronic bulletin board, for the content we have made and posted on the service to an unspecified or a large number of customers can access the property of the copyright to the copyright owner of the customer or the content.
For the content, customers to the Company, free of charge and non-exclusive use in Japan and abroad (duplication, screenings, public transmission, display, distribute, transfer, rent, translation, adaptation, including the publication) rights it deemed to have permission not set a time limit (including the sub-license rights).
In addition, we shall not exercise the moral rights.
Advertise: We shall be able to post a third-party ad that was the publication request to the Company or its services and software to provide.
If you fail to comply with matters that are set forth in this Terms of Use, or if the Company has determined that there is the fear
received a petition of the procedure of customer bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation, or the customer himself them such as carried out of the petition, and your credit anxiety occurs when we determine
Others, such as when a trust relationship with our customers has been lost, and it is difficult to maintain the contractual relationship between the Company and customers If we determine
for such individual service guidelines? for certain of our services, in addition to the basic guidelines, you may service-specific terms and conditions are provided.
About Terms of change? If the Company has determined to be necessary, and shall be able to change at any time these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to customers. However, in the case where a significant impact on customers who use our shall be provided in advance reasonable advance notice period.
notification or contact: If you are going to want to be contacted to the Company, shall be asked to perform by e-mail e-mail address addressed to the contact page or our company is provided to specify. The Company is done only by e-mail answers to inquiries from customers as a general rule.
rights and obligations prohibition of the transfer, such as: Customers, for all of the contract in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, all or part of its contractual position and this by the resulting rights and obligations, the first without the prior written consent of LaCie you can not be transferred to the three parties.
Governing Law, Jurisdiction: establishment of the Terms and Conditions, effective, and governed by the laws of Japan is when interpretation. In addition, (including posted content and advertising) our services, for the dispute between the Company and the customer arising out of or related to the software will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of first instance the Tokyo District Court .
Terms & Conditions of the applicable limit: If any provision of these Terms is contrary to relevant laws and regulations that apply to the contract in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the customer, the provisions, to the extent that, the contract with the customer to and shall not apply. However, even in this case, in addition to the provisions of the efficacy of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect.